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PartyMaker® Dancers

We're NOT putting on a show. We're getting everyone in on the act!

Our professional PartyMaker Dancers will keep the kids (and adults) active and involved.  They'll motivate and excite your crowd with easy-to-learn dance routines and simple moves so everyone will feel comfortable on the dance floor.

Yes, they dress appropriately for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, starting out with tuxedo shirts, slacks, bowties and vests and later changing to a short sleeve shirt with a bright colored vest to match.

The PartyMakers will help run and M.C. the games and contests throughout the affair and will give-out your party props at appropriate times to enhance the activity on the dance floor.

With our PartyMaker Dancers, you'll never feel like you're watching a show.
Instead, you'll be amazed at the magical way they get your crowd going without making themselves the center of attention.  And you'll be out there dancing too!


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